Gore Tenara Thread #M1000-BK Size 92 Black 1-lb

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Gore Tenara Sewing Thread has unique properties. This thread is unaffected by sunlight. UV radiation will not weaken or degrade it. Polyester threads, under daily sunlight exposure will lose as much as half their strength in as little as one year, and be down to 10% of their original strength in 3 years. Tenara maintains its strength and color indefinitely. Gore Tenara Sewing Thread will outlast the fabric that it is sewn into. Comes with a full warranty to that effect. It is unaffected by canvas cleaning solutions and will not stain, rot or mildew. Dirt just wipes off. Using Gore Tenara Sewing Thread results in seams that will last. Tenara Sewing Thread Original Style is the first generation of Tenara outdoor sewing thread. The Original Style sewing thread is un-lubricated, with an elongation (or stretch) of five to seven percent.
More Information
Brand Gore Tenara
Unit of Measure spool(s)
Contents ePTFE
Thread Breakage 14 lbs
Thread Put Up 1 lb. spools, 3825 yards
Thread Size V92
Spool Weight 16-oz.